The echo/2XP was born out of the desire to reduce the amount of rubber waste generated by the average squash player. A new squash ball lasts about 1-2 hours of play, and is frequently used only once or twice before the rough surface wears off. This causes the ball to begin skidding off the floor and walls, resulting in inconsistent performance. The old balls are not recycled, generating unnecessary waste. By doubling the playing time of each ball and reducing the cost of purchasing new balls, the echo/2XP provides a solution to the over consumption of natural rubber in squash balls.

In addition to the environmental desire to reduce rubber consumption, the manufacturing of the echo/2XP has been designed with the intent of minimizing the carbon footprint of production. The echo/2XP is manufactured locally in the US. If the echo/2XP was manufactured overseas, production costs would be less, however; the environmental impact would be greater. 

Do Good 

Finding a way to give back is also at the core of echo/2XP. With that in mind, we will make every effort to make contributions to the urban squash programs that do a wonderful job supporting kids in their programs. The long term goal is to be able to make significant contributions to these programs as we grow.